We recognize that every family situation has its unique complexities and requires a customized solution. As your Geriatric Care Manager we will:

Getting Started

Assess the client’s medical, psycho/social and living condition to identify care and safety needs

Create a customized care plan designed to improve the client’s overall physical, mental, and emotional health

Implement the care plan by arranging physicians, attorneys, home health agencies, and care companion agencies

follow through

Serve as liaison and advocate between physicians, money managers, attorneys and family members  to make certain the client’s overall needs are met

Contact appropriate care companion agencies with client criteria and interview companions to find who best fits the client’s needs and behaviors

Visit clients onsite to supervise their continued care, set up and reorder medications, and support home care workers as needed

Coordinate the entire process and update families through emails and phone calls

Facilitate family meetings in a neutral and unbiased manner

Provide vacation coverage. We can monitor during your absence and advocate at the emergency room or doctor visits as needed. Your vacation will not be interrupted.

What makes this out-of-pocket expense worth it?

Although Senior Care Consultants is an out-of-pocket expense, we offer a number of reasons why we’re a worthwhile investment:

  1. We offer a better quality of life. When our client’s life is better, yours life is better, too. You will sleep better knowing that your parent is cared for properly. No more worries about whether or not you are making the correct decisions! You and your loved one will be treated with respect, dignity and friendliness.
  2. We reduce risks. Our efforts help reduce falls, protect against fraud, or elder abuse, and eliminate medication hazards such as, not taking medication regularly, or taking the wrong dosage. Many elderly people wind up in the hospital because they are not taking their medications properly.
  3. We uncover hidden problems. A 12-minute office visit can miss a lot. Our in-home assessments can uncover unsafe hazards in the home and problems such as: your parent isn’t eating, there’s no food in the refrigerator, they’re not taking their medication.
  4. We uncover unused benefits. These include Veterans Administration benefits, MediCal and supplemental prescription insurance.
  1. We are your eyes and ears. Out-of-town family members no longer have to spend top dollar for emergency travel because of an unexpected hospitalization. We are here to advocate and keep the family apprised of their loved ones situation.
  2. We save money. We are able to reduce unnecessary services (overlapping caregiver shifts or doctor exams, for example) and prevent duplicate costs that often are associated with them. Learn more here.
  3. We cover all levels of care. All documents and instructions are with us, so your parent’s treatment is consistent whether he/she lives at home, in an assisted living setting, board and care, or a nursing home. We know how to advocate for all levels of care.
  4. We are neutral. If family members need a professional, unbiased voice, we provide it.
  5. We let you be children. We handle the crises and solve the problems so you can be the loving sons and daughters you are. You can even take a vacation!
  6. We let you focus on your work. According to an AARP report, lost productivity costs U.S. companies more than $33.6 billion a year. You won’t be absent or distracted as much, you’ll have less stress and you won’t have to leave the workforce to care for your parent.
  7. We get the job done right the first time. Think of us as a realtor selling your house or a lawyer representing your interests. We are trained to provide care. You could do it yourself, but what if it results in costly and dangerous mistakes? What if you hire a private caregiver who falls in your kitchen and sues you? What if you don’t choose appropriate placement, then, have to move your parent again and again,  causing transfer trauma? It’s better to put your money toward people who are experts in care management.

We are private pay.
We do not accept Medicare.

We are happy to do as much or as little as needed

Get in touch with us to discuss your situation.