I cannot express all my gratitude to you and Anatt for all your help to Leslie and I for Aunt Shi's situation. Again, thank you and I wish you both the best.

Terri W.

"You thoroughly informed us of what was happening, why it was happening, and what would be happening in the near future. This prepared us and empowered us to accept the reality of the situation”

Christine K.

"You saved my sister’s life. From the moment you entered the picture, you brought order and intelligence to a disastrous situation.”

Kathleen H.B.

”My elderly parents have spent several years living at home under the watchful eye of the great people at SCC. Since all their children live far away, SCC made it possible for them to age gracefully, in the home they loved. I cannot recommend Senior Care Consulting too highly.”

Rob A.

”To both you and Anatt, can’t thank you both enough for all the support and great care given to my mother. I would be proud to give anyone a great reference for your business.”

Melissa B.

“Thank you so much for the kind card and for taking such wonderful care of Mom and Dad. We couldn’t have managed without you and Anatt. Mom’s passing has left me sad but also with many wonderful memories.”

Leah F.

”Thank you…for all that you have done for me and my mom these past 6+ years. With you and Anatt taking care of all the details, I was able to just enjoy the moments with Mom, visit and comfort her. Your work and all that you do enabled me to do things like travel, take a job, enjoy last child and her last year living at home. From the caregivers you found, the excellent board and care that you helped me place mom in 5 years ago, Anatt’s nursing ability, your attention to all the business details, having both of you to call and talk about everything I’m stressing about, being able to not feel stressed…all of this and more..thank you! Thank you for your kind thought, prayers, visit during our mourning were appreciated. I will keep referring you to my friends as they go through this stage of elder care. I will miss you guys, so let try and keep in touch!”

Fran J.

“I know wherever my mom is, she is deeply grateful to both of you or all that you did for her and me. I also know that it was not easy and that you went beyond the call of duty in making sure that she was well taken care of during her final difficult years. I believe she experienced from you and Pam the love that she so desperately missed throughout her earlier life. Thank you for everything!!!”

Jill F.

“Though I’m not present in L.A. where I could have followed things first hand, I get the clear impression that you are compassionate and are attempting to provide optimal care for your clients, including my sister. In view of my distance from her problems and my lack of familiarity with the location, and California’s ground rules, I would have been severely handicapped without your assistance. I am therefore very thankful for your help and grateful that I was fortunate enough to have found you. You have unburdoned me and allayed much of my anxiety relative to this matter, and my family and I want to thank you.”

Dr. Steven B.

“In our first meeting with you Anatt, it was apparent that your experience was very definitely worth the meeting. The information you shared and the guidance helped me personally as June’s Conservator. To you both and to all the caregivers, I am very grateful. The reduced anxiety I experienced helped me deal with losing my very dear friend. Although still sad, the transition was comforting in many ways. Thank you again for your recommendations and assistance.”

Reuven R.

“Thanks for all of your help. It’s been a tough couple of months, but I think we should have no more major issues thanks to you!”

Maria H.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for making a very difficult time bearable and smooth. I truly feel like you have been two angels guiding me through this crazy time and I feel very fortunate to know that you are only a phone call away.”

Adrienne B.

“Elaine, thanks for all your wonderful support for my parents. You and Anatt make a great team and your help has been irreplaceable.”


“Thanks so much for all of your help. You have done a great job in a very difficult situation and I appreciate all that you have done. I hope that I have the opportunity to refer you a lot of business.”


“I miss my uncle so much and am eternally grateful for the services you provided. It certainly helped make the last 18 months of his life better. You do such wonderful and worthwhile work. I hope you have a happy 2014.”

Linda H.

“Melissa and I appreciate all your efforts….”

Harvey G.

”Thank you, Elaine. I appreciate everything you and Anatt are doing to help me care for dad!!!”

Marlene G.

“After my mother’s fall and broken hip, I was her only family available to help. Senior Care consultants not only found me the best caregivers possible but supported me when the going got really rough. My mom wasn’t an easy patient, difficult, hard on the caregivers and critical of my decisions. Anatt and Elaine ran interference, provided resources and were able to talk to my mom and support my choices. They found a beautiful small board and care facility with plenty of activities and quality care and we got her moved and settled in. I felt like I had a team behind me, advising me, backing me up when I needed it most to achieve the best possible outcome.”


“Anatt, thank you for your support during the very difficult time. Our conversations helped me. Hopefully things will be easier for my mom and she will get stronger with her pacemaker”


“A huge thank you to you both for being so helpful, caring and loving. Our family has so much gratitude for you. You are truly special people who make a difference in this world and people’s lives.”

Holly C.

“I had the pleasure of working with Anatt Orr-Frenkel and Elaine Arama, geriatric care managers, for over a year while I was acting as the de facto conservator of a family friend. I found them to be warm, engaging, professional, knowledgeable and caring. Anatt and Elaine were excellent about regularly reporting the latest developments, inevitably presented possible solutions when they identified a problem, and proved to be exceptional at managing older adults with potentially difficult personalities. Senior Care Consultants found excellent physicians in the area, were cognizant of means for effecting economies where practicable, and identified and hired exceptional caregivers. Under their watch, there were no emergency visits to the hospital despite a complicated list of health concerns. Emergent medical conditions were efficiently addressed as they arose. Anatt and Elaine made themselves available day and night to address questions and concerns as they arose. In this instance, there were a variety of medical problems and personnel issues to be addressed from the outset. Senior Care had them under control and had mapped a comprehensive care plan within a month of their retention. I rested easier knowing that they were performing such an exceptional job for the older adult in question, whose quality of life and health took a decided turn for the better under their watch. Given the opportunity, I would retain their services again without doubt or hesitation.”

Stephen P. Attorney, Los Angeles

“Anatt and Elaine are always there when I need them. I first met them when my mother was in a gero-psych ward. Her doctor recommended I call Senior Care Consultants. They came immediately and helped me realize what was best for my mom and the next steps to take. I was overwhelmed and feeling a little guilty about not being able to care for my mom at my home.They did their best to find an appropriate place that would accept my mom with her behaviors while keeping my finances in mind. Anatt stays on top of my mother’s medications and calls the doctors to change the medications as my mother’s behaviors change. She also recommends new doctors when necessary. I feel more confident in my decisions knowing that the care managers at Senior Care Consultants all know my mother’s case and I can call them at anytime. They are knowledgeable, professional, and they truly care about us. They’ve changed my life and my mom’s life for the better.”

Steve R.

“Can’t tell you all enough how pleased my caregivers at mom’s house and myself are with your service. Thank you very much!”

Susan A .

“Thanks for all your help. Anatt has been a great resource and guide for my parents and all of us.”

Paul A.

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