Top 10 Reasons Why Senior Care Saves You Money

“Your services sound amazing, but how will we pay for them?”

A good Geriatric Care Manager earns every cent you pay them. We do that by saving you money in a variety of ways by:
  1.  Matching appropriate services to assessed needs (Reduce duplication of services, Start with the right plan, No trial & error)
  2.  Maximizing the Senior’s Entitlements, Benefits, and Other Resources
  3. Reducing Risks of Falls and Accidents (Home safety evaluation, safety equipment, emergency alert units)
  4. Eliminating Unnecessary Medications and Treatments 
  5. Lowering Risk of Financial Abuse, Senior Scams, and Other Fraud (We are fresh eyes and ears who are trained in what to look for.)
  6. Slowing the Rate of Health Decline Means Care Costs are Lower for Longer 
  7. Needing Less Time to Research Providers (We know who does what well and can present you with tailored choices – no need to choose blindly from dozens of service providers)
  8. Preparing Higher Quality Meals at Lower Prices (Fresh, healthy home cooked meals vs fast food and TV dinners)
  9. Reducing Emergency Trips for Long Distance Caregivers – fewer last minute trips for emergencies, instead, trips to loved ones become well planned, quality family visits
  10. Reducing Caregiver Stress, which means less health and financial burdens on family caregivers (The total impact of lost wages, pension and Social Security benefits equals $283,716 for men or $303,880 for the average male or female caregiver 50+ who cares for a parent. In addition, family caregivers have average $4,766/year higher healthcare costs for their own care
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